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MAN-Roland Uniset 60

MAN-Roland Uniset 60
Machinery Type Coldset Press - Single Width
MK Ref mk7872
Manufacturer MAN-Roland
Model Uniset 60
Cut-off 546mm
Web width Single-Width Double-Circumference
Age 1994
Specification 1 x Enkel Autoweb paster
1 x Enkel infeed, with web guide
4 x Printing units, arranged as a 4-high tower
1 x 125Kw motor with drive controller
1 x Operator console, for remote register
1 x Console for motorized ink keys
1 x Folder, with collect and non-collect capability, capable of producing broadsheet and tabloid products
1 x Motterstitch, 2-head, tabloid stitcher (non-collect operation only)
1 x TEC, 28', horizontal web path,1-web dryer
1 x 5-roll, 1-web chill stand
1 x Ryco silicone applicator
1 x Plate bender
1 x Fountain solution circulating system

Note: The client would need to themselves, design & manufacture the support structure for the dryer, chill stand and silicone applicator.

The original press had 12 printing units, with two 4-high towers and two 2-high towers with jaw 2 folders (one with 1/2-fold only and the other with 1/2 & 1/4).

We would be able to supply an additional 4-high tower for an incremental US$200,000.00, or if the customer would prefer, we could supply the two 2-high towers for US$175,000.00...and they could then convert them into a 4-high themselves.
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